Flawed Symmetry of Prediction

In the digital age, time-lapse videos have become as ubiquitous as Facebook or smartphones. We’re not mad, since we’ve been known to post our fair share of time-lapse vids here on SHFT, but at the same time, the world doesn’t really need many more. Or so we thought, until we saw this mind-bending clip from Jeff Frost that takes time-lapse techniques to another level. Combining time-lapse footage with optical illusions, Jeff adds an aura of mystery to create a brilliant and haunting experimental film.

On how he did it, here’s what Jeff had to say to Colossal:

I roam the deserts of California and Utah looking for abandoned structures. When I find a room that I like, I paint large scale optical illusions on the inside of it. I record this process with time-lapse photography. Over 40,000 high resolution still images were shot for this film on my Canon 60D. Aside from painting supplies, the only other equipment I used was a borrowed tripod, and some pretty unconventional lighting. As post production goes, no graphics or CGI was used whatsoever.

(via Colossal)

  • Category Art
  • Length 04:27