Iron and Wine "Joy"

Brooklyn-based animator Hayley Morris (previously) spent three months crafting the visuals for “Joy,” an earnest slice bit of psych-pop from Iron and Wine’s fifth album, Ghost on Ghost. Taking her inspiration the song’s lyric, “Deep inside the heart of this crazy mess I’m only calm when I get lost within your wilderness,” Morris hand-painted watercolor illustrations of a woman and projected them into stop-motion woodscapes. The result is a vibrant mix of mediums that fits perfectly with the simple beauty of the song.

My goal for this video was to make the viewer feel this sense of joy, discovery and appreciation by following the organic flow of the song as the landscape changes through bursts of color, growth and transformation,” says Morris. “Through his eyes we see how the woman Sam sings about changes his world by catching glimpses of her within the different plants, rocks, trees and objects that occupy the scenery/himself.”

(via Booooooom)

  • Category Art
  • Length 02:42