Memoryhouse, "Quiet America"

Memoryhouse‘s The Years EP, first recorded and released in ’09, has been re-recorded and remastered for its official “reissue” on Sub Pop, available September 13. In advance of the release, the duo put out a video for the dreamy and delicate “Quiet America,” starring (and directed by) Memoryhouse vocalist Denise Nouvion. On the strangeness of seeing their two-year old songs dug up and reshaped, the band said this on their blog:

“Whereas the initial release was a resignation of sorts, mired in the kind of disconnection and existential angst that played a large role in defining the aughts for many. The Years now represents the idea that life can improve in the most unusual and fantastical ways if one were to open themselves to experience… and that, as always, music has the capacity to grow with us through the many different stages in our lives.”

Download “Quiet America” for free by Liking the Memoryhouse Facebook page
  • Category Music
  • Length 02:25