The Farmer and The Bluefin

Driven by demand in Japan’s seafood market, stocks of the bluefin tuna have depleted 85 percent over the last forty-odd years. Can aquaculture help meet the demand and save the threatened species? In “The Farmer and the Bluefin,” The Perennial Plate hones its cameras in on a bluefin tuna farm in Wakayama, Japan. Whereas most bluefin farming operations capture young fish and then raise them to adulthood, this is the only place in the world that spawns bluefin from birth. It’s not without controversy, but as the video description says, “it’s a step in the direction of killing the last of the wild bluefin tuna.”

Watch the clip and see for yourself. And catch more PP features on SHFT.

  • Category Food
  • Length 05:00