The Perennial Plate: An American Food Trip

For “An American Food Trip,” another instalment in the excellent Perennial Plate series about sustainable eating, filmmaker Daniel Klein and his team travelled 23,000 miles across 42 states to tell the stories of “Real Food in America.” The resulting clip, cobbled together from seven terrabytes of footage, offers a fast-moving and fascinating glimpse at food culture all over the States. As you might know from watching other episodes in the series, Klein goes beyond typical subjects like urban farming and sustainable fishing to show a more diverse and less obvious side of American food.

“You know I don’t make a lot of money,” says a farmer in the vid, “but all three of my kids will eat raw okra, and so I feel like that’s all the investment I need for me to make a good future.”

Nice one.

  • Category Food
  • Length 05:58