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Ana Kras: Shy Gestures

  • The talented designer of woven objects reveals the origins of her inspiration

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    The latest episode of the excellent Avant/Garde Diaries features Serbia-born, New York-based designer Ana Kraš, who has earned a devoted following for her woven 'Bonbon' lanterns, which are as fun and playful as they are lovingly crafted. "Kraš's approach to design is refreshingly simple – to make user-friendly objects requiring minimal production," the description goes. "Approaching design this way allows her to focus on small details that add a playful twist to otherwise modest pieces." She modestly refers to these design tweaks and twists as "shy gestures." The clip takes us into the private world of Ana's creativity, her studio, her romance (yes, that's Devendra Banhart you see), and her adopted hometown, New York City.

    (via Boooooooom)


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