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Atlas Genius, "Trojans"

  • A catchy tune gets an amazing claymation treatment courtesy of Tyler Nicolson

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    "Trojans," the supremely catchy debut single from Aussie brother band Atlas Genius, has been generously outfitted with new video courtesy of Tyler Nicolson. The Montreal-based animator/director, whose excellent "No Noodles" animation recently appeared on SHFT, delivers another charming stop-motion claymation piece. In the vid, a cute old guy hangs with some colored, moving clay blocks. As the clay transforms we are pulled into his childlike imagination.

    We can look forward to at least a couple more videos for "Trojans." The band has partnered with Vimeo to produce a total of four videos with top content creators on the platform. Nicolson's is the first. Over the next month or so, the band will release three other videos, including work by Celia Rowlson-Hall, Eric Funk and Pots N' Pans.


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