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City Lapse

  • Superb time-lapse video of NYC and San Diego.

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    We all love time-lapse photography, but for Drew Geraci, it's something much, much more. "Time-lapse is a way of life," says the photographer. "And my life is taken 1 frame every .00000001 second." Geraci took more than 13,000 photos of New York City and San Diego to weave together City Lapse, a time-lapse portrait of the two cities that captures the frenetic pace of city life. Lots more time-lapse fun at Geraci's site, The Voder.


    Chiemgau Impressions

  • Nice moody timelapse from German photographer Mario Feil.
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  • Artifact Lunch Bag

  • Let your sandwich ride in style.
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  • Fireflies Shimmer in Long-Exposure Photos

  • Magical time-lapse photography by Tsuneaki Hiramatsu
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