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Duct Tape Surfing

  • Inspiration alert! Watch a paraplegic ride waves while taped to a friend's back

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    If you haven't seen this yet, prepare to be inspired. Pascal Honore, a 50-year old mother of two from Australia, suffered T4 complete paraplegia after a car accident 18 years ago. While she enjoyed watching her sons surf, she always wanted to experience the thrill herself. Tyron Swan, a friend of her sons, has made that possible by duct taping her to his back and taking her out on his board. Look at that smile!

    “I want to inspire people to overlook their limitations and make their dreams come true," she says. "Follow your dream, have a goal and somehow it will happen, if you believe in it enough."

    Now the two are hitting the road on what they call a "Leggless Summer" trip, heading to Kalbarri, Western Australia in search of bigger waves and more adventure. You can support their project on Pozible.

    (via Kottke)



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