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Joakim, "Forever Young"

  • Nice found footage vid for Joakim's wistful Indian summer jam

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    Contrary to popular opinion, the most awkward phase in life isn't puberty. It's the weird never-years time between youth and middle age, when you're not quite sure what to do with yourself. Joakim's "Forever Young," an optimistic jam about the fleeting pleasures of youth, is dedicated to those oddball years. The Paris producer's goal with the sound was "to make the soundtrack of a late Indian summer sunset, on a beach." Mission accomplished.  In the video, nostalgic clips of found footage enhance the plaintive vibe. Joakim's Nothing Gold LP is out this week on his own label, Tigersushi


    Memoryhouse, "Heirloom"

  • Another doozy from Jamie Harley
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