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Studio Swine: Can City

  • Duo creates a collection of aluminum furniture from Sao Paulo street materials

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    Studio Swine, the cross-disciplinary design duo made up of Azusa Murakami and Alexander Groves, has released a video to document its Can City project. While in Sao Paulo, the pair built a mobile foundry that smelts aluminum cans using waste vegetable oil as fuel. With the ability to make both moulds and finished pieces on-site, Can City turns the street into a local factory.

    In Sao Paulo, over 80 percent of aluminum waste is collected by Catadores, an informal group of independent waste collectors who pull handmade carts around the streets. With Can City, Studio Swine has created "a system where their livelihoods can extend beyond rubbish collection."

    Watch this nicely put together video to learn more about the project.


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