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Young Farmers: Willa

  • A green-thumbed high school student shows off her impressive veggie garden

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    You know something is embedded in your brain once you start dreaming about it. For Willa, another of our Young Farmers, that would include her garden, the subject of a recent dream (nightmare?) involving some missing lettuce. Now in high school, the enthusiastic planter has been at the gardening game for many years, thanks to her mom and grandma, who got her into plants early on. Here, we visit Willa's backyard, where tufts of spicy basil thrive alongside rogue strawberries and leafy lettuce. With moisture provided courtesy of her home's greywater, the garden is green in more ways than one. 


    Young Farmers: Mitch

  • With his gardening business thriving, Mitch discusses what planting means to him
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