Portugal News: SHFT House Wine Launch

Speaking to The Portugal News of their invitation to the renowned gastronomic event, Grenier said that they were “very excited to come and not only share what we’ve been doing in the United States, but also to get a glimpse and a taste of life and culture here in Portugal.”

Probably best known for starring in hit HBO series Entourage as well as his role in the movie ‘The Devil Wears Prada’, Grenier co-founded the award-winning SHFT multi-media platform with producer Glatzer (In the Weeds).

SHFT’s aim is to convey a more sustainable approach to the way people live today, exploring sustainability through video, design, art and culture.

During the wine tasting guests were invited to sample what is Grenier and Glatzer’s first venture into the world of wines, born from their love of good wine and eco-conscious beliefs.

Commenting on the previous evening, during which the Chefs spoke about sustainable food, Glatzer said that making a sustainable wine was a “very good fit” for the SHFT platform.

“There were a lot of things that we could have done”, he said, explaining: “A sustainable wine maker came to us and it just seemed like a very good fit because the idea of persuading people to embrace a more conscious approach to life is not what we’re about, it’s about really inspiring people, moving people emotionally and wine seemed like a very good fit for the SHFT ethos.”

“There’s such a deeply rooted history and heritage in wine and it ran narrative really”, Grenier added, reflecting: “Some of the greatest ideas and leaps forward in civilization have come through exchange over wine. It’s a way people get together and communicate ideas and find solutions to the world’s problems and sustainability issues. This is a way for us to come together and communicate.”