1978 Airstream Converted into Snug Live/Work Space

Clicking through Hofmann Architecture’s portfolio of projects, you’ll find plenty of palatial homes designed for rich clients. But one project stands out, and that’s firm principal Matt Hofmann’s own home. The Santa Barbara, CA architect recently renovated a vintage Airstream trailer to create a live-work space for himself and his girlfriend.

As with all his projects, sustainability was the starting point in the Airstream redesign. The trailer has been outfitted with bamboo countertops, table, and floors that give the space a warm feel. Recycled tiles cover the walls of what is surely the nicest Airstream bathroom ever built. Clever design tweaks abound — check out the mounted monitor and the hidden printer.

“Ever since I was a kid building 7-story tree houses I’ve liked reusing old stuff and making it usable again,” says Hofmann. “I’m at a point in my life where I’m trying to live with less.”

Good on ya, Matt.

Photos: Matt Hofmann

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