A Secluded Treehouse Hotel Built By Peter Becker

Nestled within a forest in Hesse, Germany is Robin’s Nest Treehouse Hotels, a destination spot for those wanting a unique and rustic getaway. The gorgeous and scenic locale offers a host of housing options, with the most striking being its elevated structures. There, visitors can sleep among the treetops and leafy branches, admiring uninterrupted views of nature.

Robin’s Nest is the brainchild of owner Peter Becker. After spending many years in Berlin and managing a bar, he decided to make a move to the woods. He and some friends spent six months building the hotel, even working during a snowstorm to complete the job. Although he had a team to help him construct the place, he now runs it all by himself—but he doesn’t mind. “A lot of people ask me, if I’m lonely, and all I can say is that I’m totally happy when there’s nobody here,” Becker told IGNANT, “because it happens less and less.”

There are currently seven accommodations available through Robin’s Nest, with three that are positioned above ground. Each structure is different, but they all include wild wood-built furniture and electricity with a heater. The plumbing in the treehouse is separated, so guests use communal bathrooms and showers. In addition to this camping-like aspect, Becker makes sure that people are truly disconnected from the outside world—there’s no Wi-Fi, “so that people who come here can see and feel the nature without their smartphones.”

By Sara Barnes

Via Ignant

Photos by Ana Santl




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