Abie Abdillah: Rattan Chairs

Indonesian furniture designer Abie Abdillah has a thing for rattan, the super abundant, highly renewable palm found in tropical climates around the world. Which is cool because so do we. Like bamboo, rattan is a fast-growing plant that's great for sustainable design. What makes it extra special is its strength and bendability.

Designboom shared some pics of Abdillah's latest rattan works, the Doeloe Lounge Chair and the Pretzel Bench, and they're both pretty great. The lounge chair references the design of an "Oplet," a traditional type of taxi in Jakarta, with the curved rattan armrests resembling the vehicle's headlights. Pretzel Bench's main point of reference is the pretzel (duh), with a structural form made from long, bent rattan poles.

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