Alice Axinder’s Idyllic Sweden

Alice Axinder’s photos are nothing if not in tune with nature. The young artist, who lives in the northern Swedish town of Kvarnberget, captures pastoral images of the outdoors, with the changing seasons as a predominant theme. 

“My favourite season is winter, I think,” she says. “Although I like all seasons very much, all in different ways. Summer nights I love because then you can sit down by the water, take walks in town or by piers or in forests – anywhere – and you can wear thin dresses or just a sweater and still stay warm. I love squinting at the sun and sitting up on the deck when we go sailing in summers. It makes you feel infinite. Especially in the mornings, when we leave early and I can have my morning coffee to the company of just the ocean, clouds and seagulls.”

Lots more niceness at Alice’s blog and her Flickr

(via Booooooom)

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