Ben Sandler: Badlands

Born in Israel, Ben Sandler spent some his formative years in a small town in the Arizona desert. Now based in Amsterdam where he works for Wieden + Kennedy, Sandler still has an “innate fascination with the surreal desert landscapes” outside Phoenix, which he explores in this mindmelting series of images.

Badlands, a collaborative project between Sandler and Zeitguised, combines the former’s photography of desert landscapes with the latter’s next-level CG engineering. Pairing digital formations with prehistoric rock, the resulting images are uncanny.

“[T]he photographer’s camera becomes the recorder of the original source, while the artist’s digital modeling tool interprets the phenomenology of the geological formations,” Sandler writes. “The resulting world becomes a striking and uncanny walk-in bastardization between the rich reality of the landscape and the reduced analytic model thereof.”

(via iGNANT)

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