Caren Alpert: Terra Cibus

Bay Area fine art photographer Caren Alpert brings together her interests in food, science, and art to create these vivid, incredibly detailed images of food. Shot with a scanning electron microscope, the photos render common eats as abstract, otherworldly landscapes. 

“Because I’m a science geek at heart, it’s not such a far leap to explore food in a way that no one else has,” Alpert says. “At a time when so many people are hyper-obsessed about where their food is grown and its health and environmental impact, this is a particularly relevant subject.”

As amazing as these pictures, you haven’t seen anything til you see the high-res versions on her site.  

Can you guess what you’re looking at? Answers, left to right:

1. Chocolate cake

2. Cake sprinkles

3. Shrimp’s tail

4. Celery leaf

5. Coffee bean

6. Life Saver

7. Purple onion

(via Colossal)

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