Catching the Waves

Maybe it’s because life on earth began in the sea, or because, as land-bound creatures, the seas are a place of mystery. Whatever the reason, the ocean has a unique hold on the human psyche. A recent Light Stalking post of amazing wave photos got us thinking about these things. Here is a small sampling of them, showcasing some of the many different ways that waves can be represented in a photograph, from abstraction to coastal landscapes to waterscapes. Beautiful stuff. 

Do you have any cool photos of waves? Share your links with us in the comments.

Photo credits, left to right: 

1. Winter waves by dicktay2000, on Flickr

2. The second wave by rachel_thecat, on Flickr

3. DSC_0262 (View Large) by archer10 (Dennis) SLOW, on Flickr

4. North Shore Surfer by mandolin davis, on Flickr

5. Downhill Beach by Jule_Berlin, on Flickr

6. Rodeo Beach – Marin Headlands by the_tahoe_guy, on Flickr

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