Chilean Beach House

Here’s an aspirational crib if we ever saw one.  

When you want to get away from it all, why not really get away? A concept home by Chilean architects WMR Arquitectos will do just that. The Till House is a single story wooden structure that’s nestled in the cliffs of Los Arcos, Chile. While it may be hidden from sight, it still possesses access to, and stunning views of, the surrounding ocean.

The design boasts roof access, a wrap-around porch, and sliding doors that allow you to see all of the outdoors even while you’re in bed. The deck’s roof also alternates wood with open glass so the house can still receive light while lounging on a comfortable chair. Timber wood is carried throughout the home, giving it a warm, cozy feel.

Despite the open architecture (there are glass walls used to divide rooms), the house cannot be seen from the road. It offers the utmost privacy and will surely free you from any distractions. Instead, you can take in nature’s beauty, relax, and embrace a quiet way of life that doesn’t include Twitter or Facebook. Don’t worry – you can reconnect later.

(by Sara Barnes via My Modern Met)

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