CoolClimate Art Contest

The CoolClimate Art Contest called on artists worldwide to submit work that addresses the impact of climate change. Over 1,000 artists from around the globe submitted their climate change-inspired works through deviantART.

Agnes Gund, one of the judges for the Contest, said, “There is probably no issue more important facing us today then how we are affecting our environment. The CoolClimate Art Contest is a smart and engaging way to compel artists to influence and communicate the critical issue of climate change. Art has the power to persuade on a deeply emotional level, sometimes more effectively than grafts or numbers or datasheets.”

Above are a few of our favorites. View a gallery of all the finalists here.

Images, left to right:

Christos Lamprianidis, "No Pollution Please" (first place)

Lowjacker, "Stop Climate Change"

Jeffrey Durden, "Air"

Livesteel, "Oil Spill Duck"

Jesse Graves, "Oil Bottle"

Nebraskies, "On Colorado Plains"

Jimmynowhere, "East Coast Sightseeing"

(via Flavorwire)

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