Creating Energy from Water

Indian corporate giant The Tata Group and MIT are collaborating on new research that produces energy from water. The technology, developed by MIT scientist and SunCatalytix founder Daniel Nocera, is founded on a basic scientific priniciple: sunlight + water = fuel.

Nocera’s process essentially mimics photosynthesis by using sunlight to split hydrogen from water. It is said that it can generate energy more efficiently than any modern solar panel, and has the potential to provide energy to three billion people living without it.

Research is still in its infancy, but the team is hoping to be able to generate enough power from a bottle and a half of water to power a small home. Prototypes are being built, and it remains to be seen if this promising technology could become the next big thing. Accoring to Steven Chu, “These ideas are potentially revolutionary. Yes, they are risky, and many of these technologies will not pan out. But if even one or two of these ideas become transformative technologies, this will be among the best investments we’ve ever made.”

Check out a video of the project here.

(via Fast Company)

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