Dazzling Light Paintings by Sola

UK artist Peter Medlicott, aka Sola, uses a digital camera and a light to create illuminated “sculptures” on darkened city streets. The practice, which he calls “lightbombing,” involves a light sabre-esque wand and long exposure photography.

Hitting the city late at night, Medlicott draws shapes in the airs with the light fixture, shooting the scene over a period of thirty-odd seconds. What results is an image of an abstract shape made of light.

As stunning as the images look, Medlicott says he likes to keep things as simple and accessible as possible.

“I just want to inspire people with my work,” he told CNN. “If someone can look at a piece and be excited, inspired, moved in any way shape or form, then I’m happy, job done. Because there is not enough of that in life. And there’s too much ‘art.’

“This is why I strip away the ‘arty’ stuff. It’s there and I could sit and wax about it but no one wants to hear that really. Everyone can get something different from it. It keeps it accessible to people.”

Check out to see more of Sola’s work.

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