Denmark Aims For 50% Wind Power

If all goes according to plan, Denmark will be the world’s clean energy leader in the years ahead. This week, the Danish government announced ambitious green energy and carbon reduction targets designed to wean the nation off of oil and gas.

The deal aims for a 34 percent reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2020 compared to 1990 levels, and a 12 percent decrease in overall energy consumption by 2020 compared to 2006. Also included is  a goal to meet half of Denmark’s electricity needs via wind power by 2020.

“Denmark will once again be the global leader in the transition to green energy,” said Martin Lidegaard, the Danish minister for climate, energy and building. “This will prepare us for a future with increasing prices for oil and coal. Moreover, it will create some of the jobs that we need so desperately, now and in the coming years.”

Maybe one day we’ll see a similar story about the United States. Dare to dream.

(via Guardian)

Photo: Alamy

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