Domingos Totora’s Recycled Cardboard Objects

Domingos Totora’s work rests comfortably in the fuzzy area where art and design intersect. From his studio in Maria da Fe, Brazil, Totora and a team of twenty artisans create sculptures, furniture, and home accessories from recycled cardboard pulp. Each piece is molded by hand and dried in the sun before being finished. The operation is sustainable on every level, from the creation of jobs to the cycle of production. In Totora’s words:

In this beautiful and labor intensive process, the cardboard which originated as wood, essentially is brought back full cycle by taking on a wood-like quality again. We believe sustainability happens through actions and not words.

Head over to Totora’s site for pictoral walk-through of his production process.

(via Unconsumption)

Photos: Domingos Totora

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