Eco-Escape of the Day: Fiscavaig House

Off the northwest coast of Scotland sits the Isle of Skye, a craggy, treeless island with a history of habitation stretching to the Stone Age. When local architecture firm Rural Design was approached to build a site-sensitive home on the island, they hesitated to take the contract for fear that the project would disrupt the ancient landscape. Eventually, however, they did, and the result is the Fiscavaig House, a small structure that is elevated on stilts to minimize local environmental impact.

The tiny timber house has a footprint of only 750 square feet, and is tapered towards the north to reduce overall square footage. Meanwhile, glazing allows for winter time solar gain and full-height windows maximize natural daylight. With maximum use of natural light and ventilation, the building’s carbon footprint is similarly small.

(via Jetson Green)

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