Exhale Pavilion

Art Basel, which jumped off in Miami yesterday, runs through the end of this weekend, and we're not remotely pleased that we're not there. Luckily, Inhabitat came through with some superb images of one of the installations we're most curious about. The Exhale Pavilion, part of the Oceanfront Nights program at Miami Beach, is a massive outdoor installation made from miles of phosphorescent ropes that reflect light and move with the wind. Sensors within the installation detect wind conditions and send signals to a computerized system that operates the lighting. The brainchild of Rachely Rotem and Phu Hoang, Exhale Pavilion is inspired by bioluminescence in oceanic algal blooms.

At the conclusion of the event, all the materials involved in the piece will be recycled, with the ropes going to a non-profit organization and the concrete bases to the bottom of the sea off Miami Beach, where they will act as artificial reefs.

For more, read an interview with the designers about the work.

(via Inhabitat)

Photos: Robin Hill

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