Fabiano Busdraghi: Antarctica

The Southern Ocean around Antarctica, which connects the Atlantic, the Pacific and Indian Oceans, is believed by climate scientists to hold important information about global warming. It was for this reason that Italian photographer/oceanographer Fabiano Busdraghi traveled there in 2007. When he returned, he had compiled a stunning compilation of images of the world’s most remote continent. Said Busdraghi of the mission:

What interested me in this series of pictures was, through the landscape photo, to reflect some special feelings experienced in Antarctica. Apart from the cold, outer space, vastness, loneliness, etc. the strongest feeling for me was a return to a state of pure and primitive existence, the feeling that the whole superstructure of the civilization, culture, social relations are finally meaningless, and eliminate a direct contact with things and existence.

The great white continent explains what life could be without us, the land before it knew man… I have therefore sought to reduce the landscape to its essence, pure and simple forms at the limit of abstraction. As if the landscape was reflected only by a graphic sign, a metaphysical message from nature.

For more, read a first-hand account of Busdraghi’s Antarctic travels here.

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