Giant Wind Turbine in China

Wind Turbines in China

Chinese energy company MingYang has announced the creation of its next flagship offshore wind turbine, MySE 18.X-28X. The giant generator grows up to 70 floors and occupies the area of nine football fields with its vastness. Its 140-meter-long blades are anchored on a rotor with a diameter of over 280 meters. A single rotation can swiftly give electricity to thousands of residents, and they might want to avoid standing close to the giant wind turbine unless they want to see themselves whisked away from where they are standing.

The giant wind turbine MySE 18.X-28X can generate 80 GWh of electricity per year, considering an annual average of 8.5m/s for wind speed. The company says it is enough to supply 96,000 residents while reducing CO2 emissions by 66,000 tons. The electricity generator prides itself on being modular and lightweight too, drawn from Mingyang’s comprehensive upgrade and research on the hybrid-drive technology.

The company also plans to install holographic sensing MPC and digital twin DTC technology, two features that can protect the giant wind turbine from the most extreme ocean conditions such as a level-17 typhoon with harsh wind speeds. With the new MySE 18.X-28X, Mingyang claims it has taken a major step toward accelerating the green energy transition by driving technological breakthroughs for the offshore wind industry. 


In view of the unique climate, wind conditions, topographic conditions, and other natural environmental elements, Mingyang suggests wind turbines with large megawatts, high efficiency, small size, lightweight, convenient transportation, and safe hoisting such as its new giant wind turbine MySE 18.X-28X to achieve the expected benefits of a wind farm.

‘In this way, we can help you to achieve the goal of increasing the generation capacity, while reducing the overall investment cost of the wind farm as well as the kilowatt-hour cost,’ the company writes.

Mingyang adds that its wind turbines are designed with high-power generation capacity, modular structures, high-transmission efficiency, power quality, typhoon resistance, good sealing, heat dissipation performance, fog corrosion resistance, easy transportation and hoisting, and low cost. The giant wind turbine MySE 18.X-28X is underway, and Mingyang hopes to report progress on it in the near future.

Written by Matthew Burgos for designboom

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