Glass Prefab Cabin by 2by4 Architects

Architects of generic, gargantuan McMansions could stand to learn a thing or two from 2by4 Architects, the Rotterdam-based firm behind the design of this compact recreational home in the Dutch countryside. At only 225 square feet, the Island House leaves a tiny footprint without sacrificing any of the client’s needs in terms of comfort or views.

The glass prefab is designed for maximum customization and changeability according to function. “On warm days the northern facade can be opened towards the water,” write the architects. “The wooden floor of the living room then becomes a jetty from where the water can be accessed. In this configuration the house functions as an outdoor space with a roof.” The successful design has inspired 2by4 to create a series of modular prototypes that prospective clients can customize to create their own getaway, no island required.

(via Dwell)

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