Graffiti Calls For Demolition of Obsolete Dam

Graffiti has long been used to make political statements, but they’re rarely as clever as this. Working under cloak of night, an anonymous band of artists recently threw up this “cut here” piece on a controversial California dam. The message is simple — bring the damn thing down.

Writing in the LA Times, Steve Chawkins provides the background:

Matilija Dam was built in 1947 for flood control and water storage. But officials say it was flawed from the outset. For decades, it’s been holding back silt as much as water, depriving beaches 17 miles downstream of the sand they need to replenish themselves. It’s also been deemed a huge obstacle for steelhead trout, an endangered species that was once a trophy fish luring anglers from across the country.

…”We’ve studied this to death and talked about it forever,” said Paul Jenkin of the Matilija Coalition, an alliance of community groups pushing for the dam’s removal. “There’s very strong support from the community, and that’s part of what we’re seeing with the graffiti.”

On its own, the graffiti won’t likely bring down the dam, but the images have shone a wide light on a local environmental issue. Definitely interested to see what happens. 

Check out the story here.

Photos: Mel Melcon / Los Angeles Times

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