Hitting the Road with Nika States

With the end of the year approaching, we’re starting to get the itchy feet we always get thinking about our next travel excursion. To denote the occasion, let’s have a look at these fantastic road photos from Oakland’s Nika States, which capture his friends and landscapes in epic fashion.

On what drives his artistic impulse, States said this to I Love That Photo:

Nearly two decades given over to the inability to appreciate my surroundings, and then a slow, happy epiphany – that’s something that influences not just my photography, but also my writing, my circadian rhythm, and the way I interact with people. I also find that the poetry of Derek Walcott and the music of Josh Pyke and Christ Thile have made a real impact on the things I do. A few people I love clued me into the idea that I might be a photographer long before I would ever have admitted to any such aspiration.

Lots more Nika States stuff at his blog, Propellers for Umbrellas, and his Flickr.

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