House Republicans Are Blowing It

When it comes to protecting the environment, House Republicans simply do not give a damn. Not only that, but they view economic prosperity and environmental sustainability as mutually exclusive endeavors, which is simply inaccurate and ignorant.

The Interior and EPA spending bills are working their way through Congress, and Republicans are proposing massive reductions in both budgets. Boehner and crew also aim to block the EPA’s ability to control greenhouse gases, stop conservation efforts in the Grand Canyon and other wild lands, eliminate regulations for mountaintop removal mining, and deny the Fish and Wildlife Service’s ability to list new species as endangered. Just brilliant.

As per the norm, these activities are being linked by Republicans to job destruction and ruin for our economy. Apparently living in a polluted and unhealthy place is the direction these politicians would love to move, so long as they have an extra buck in their pocket. The good news is that the White House has already said it would veto any such bill, and it would be unlikely to make it through the Senate anyways. Clearly there is a vast schism in environmental thinking in the nation between party lines, and sound logic must prevail if we hope to have a place on earth for our grandchildren to call home.

– Mitchell Flexo

(via HuffPo)

Photo: John Boehner, right, and GOP Rep. Jeb Hensarling, center, listen during a news conference at the Republican National Committee in Washington on Tuesday, July 26, 2011. (Carolyn Kaster / AP)

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