Max Sluiters aka ‘Houtenboom’ is living in Medemblik, a small town in northern part of the Netherlands. A few weeks ago he celebrated his 22nd birthday as he tells us. Around the same time Instagram placed him on the ‘Suggested Users’ list and his fanbase is rapidly growing since. Max says: ‘That changed a lot for me, because now my work got all this new attention from different corners and I met a lot of new people because of it.’ Before he discovered the Instargam Community he started photography as a serious hobby, though he never saw it as an artform. Today he couldn’t imagine a day without photography and he tries to take at least three good pictures per day, mostly with his phone. It is the compositions that he enjoys the most as he gets the most joy out of arranging those by adding and removing until the images feels just right. Max gets his inspiration from everyday things; typical Dutch landscapes, shapes of food, music, flowers. Sometimes he also places hidden messages in his pictures.”

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