Huba Mountain Shelter

A pair of industrial designers have dreamed up an alpine hut that can be airdropped into remote mountain zones to provide adventurers with a high-tech, self-sufficient home away from home. The “Huba, a design concept by Malgorzata Blachnicka and Michal Holcer, is designed for high-elevation places (3,280 feet above sea level and higher), where wind speeds can reach 100 feet per second. The thing stuck in the chimney? That’s a wind turbine, which would connect to a battery to deliver heat and electricity to the shack. 
Inside are two hanging beds (hidden in the walls) and a washbasin, lit when necessary by LED lighting. Roof tiles could be adjusted to collect rainwater, which can be filtered onsite for drinking.

The Huba design calls for the use of lightweight recycled plastic throughout, allowing for easy transport and airdrop. It’s still just a concept at this point, but it’s a damn cool one.

(via Design Boom)

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