Iceland In Color 10/10

We all see images from Iceland. But rarely are the photos as dynamic and as beautiful as these captured by Fokionz Issiadis. In this series, ICELAND:10/10, he caught both Summer and Winter from 10 days in 2013 and 10 days in 2014 and in colors and textures that make you want to see more and explore Iceland further. And there is no shortage of photos. This man is prolific.

This work presents a selection of my photographs of Icelandic nature and its wonders during the summer and winter season. In August 2013 I dedicated 10 days and in March 2014 another 10 days to travelling more than 7.000 kilometres in total, covering almost the whole area of the country. Accompanied by expert Icelandic guides in both trips, I photographed mainly landscapes but also remains of the human civilization captivated by Iceland’s nature, found dotted here and there among those spectacular landscapes. Both itineraries, yielded a harvest of more than 1000 photographs of Iceland in summer – as seen through the mind, eye and soul of a travelling Greek photographer.

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