Joni Niemela: Misty & Atmospheric

When Finland’s Joni Niemela goes to work, he heads directly the Great Outdoors, where he gets down to the business of capturing the natural world on camera. For Joni, nature is both subject and muse, whether he’s shooting sweeping natural landscapes or hyper-detailed, macro images of flora and fauna. The title of one of his recent series, Misty and Atmospheric, leaves no doubt as to what to expect. What is says is precisely what it delivers: hazy images of the Finnish hinterlands — a perfectly dreamy way to kick of the weekend.

“Though I like to capture moments from various things in nature my favorite subjects are world of macro and those little details that usually get unnoticed,” he says of his work. “I try to transfer all those moments and ambiances to the viewer as best as I can. I often like also to experiment with postprocessing and bring out my artistic view even more this way.”

See more on his website and Behance

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