Julian Bialowas: This Is Oregon

Canadian graphic designer and photographer Julian Bialowas, who last year gained internet fame for his 365q photo project, comes through with a similarly-themed, interactive concept titled “This Is Oregon.” A collaboration with Shwood, the Portland-based sustainable eyewear company (previously featured on SHFT), the project features uplifting quotes overtop gorgeous landscape shots of the Beaver State, inspiring people to get outside and explore.

“For one week we traveled around the state and shot photos, video, and 360º interactive panoramas to showcase the beauty of the landscape and motivate others to explore the area for themselves,” Bialowas said. “We’ve also added detailed maps, travel notes, and an Instragram component to make it even more enticing for others to pack their bags and hit the road.”

More info and a video on the project here.

(via My Modern Met)

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