Juvet Landscape Hotel: Sleek Norwegian Nature Digs

The Juvet Landscape Hotel in western Norway is the perfect marriage of nature and structure. Designed by Oslo architects Jensen & Skodvin and constructed from fast-growing pine found on the property, the minimalist series of buildings are comfortably nestled in the natural surroundings — with next to no environmental footprint. 

“The intention was to make a protected room that was as much as possible out in the landscape,” head architect Jan Olav Jensen told the Guardian. “We wanted to give the feeling that you’re outside even though you’re protected inside.”

Juvet is nicely positioned for guests to take advantage of the surrounding wilderness. Skiing, hiking, fishing, rafting, and climbing are a few of the outdoor activities that are popular with guests. With each of the ten rooms featuring floor-to-ceiling smoked glass windows, we’d probably be more inclined to lie in bed and watch the wilderness outside. 

(via DKdL)

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