Lapka: An Environmental Monitor for Your iPhone

iPhone accessories rarely aim too high in terms of functionality. They generally fall into one of two categories: speakers or protective cases. 

But Lapka takes the game to a whole other level. Billed as a “personal environmental monitor,” the device connects through a headphone jack to measure, collect and analyze data about substances within a user’s environment. Each peripheral (there are four) gathers its own information: humidity/temperature, radiation, electromagnetic frequencies (EMF), and organicity (whether or not a food is organic). And the system looks bloody great doing it.

“Since this is a healthcare and environmental product, we used organic materials like wood and ivory-like plastic, it will look better with time … it’ll become your very own, personal talisman,” says Creative Director Vadik Marmeladov. “Our aim was to build an native iPhone accessory–not a design copy attempt. All our designs, usage simplicity, attention to detail and quality are based on Apple philosophy and mood, so we don’t have to copy iPhone’s shiny body to fit its aesthetics.”

Lapka is still in prototype stage, with mass production slated for fall. The company aims to have the product to market in time for Christmas 2012, when it will retail for roughly $220.

(via Co.Design)

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