Lina Bielinyte’s Melancholic Nature Images

Hailing from the rainy Baltic country of Lithuania, 22-year old photographer Lina Bielynte started exploring picture-taking with a digital camera around six years go. But it wasn’t until she found her grandpa’s old Soviet-made Zorki camera that things really took off. The analog device opened up a whole new world of light and shadow, and Lina’s hazy, semi-abstract images of natural scenes started getting some traction on the ‘net.

For Lina, the woods hold a special appeal, she explains

I‘m a bit anti-social so I just don‘t like photographing people. I‘d rather go into the woods where everything is standing there quietly. I‘m searching for harmony, peace and quiet which I don‘t find in everyday life. I think I‘m creating a little magic world. 

See lots more of Lina’s beautiful analog photography on her Flickr-stream

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