Mariko Mori Announces Island Earthwork

One of the most prominent Japanese artists working in the West today, Moriko Mori is best known for her Manga-inspired sculptures that feature futuristic geisha characters and next-level technology. So it comes as bit of a surprise to learn that her latest project is an ambitious earthwork, to be built far from civilization, based around ancient ideas of environmental consciousness.

The piece, called “Primal Rhythm,” may be Mori’s most ambitious work yet. It involves building a solar monument on Miyako Island, 180 miles off the coast of the Japanese island of Okinawa, along with a tall column (the “Sun Pillar”) and a glowing sphere (the “Moon Rock”) on separate rock outcrops in the island’s bay.

During the annual Winter Solstice, the sun will cast a direct shadow from the pillar to the orb. During the rest of the year, the Moon Rock will change color with the rise and fall of the local tides.

Said Mori in a statement, “I believe that people will reconnect with the rhythm of the sun, the moon, and the sea while experiencing this work and become one with the universe of the mind that exists inside every human being.”

(via Artinfo)

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