Melting Greenland: Opportunity and Risk

In the Arctic, global warming is causing record ice melt and bringing with it massive economic and cultural changes. Reporting from Narsaq, a small town on Greenland’s southern tip, NYT environment writer Elizabeth Rosenthal writes that the retreating Arctic ice cap is revealing rich mineral deposits that represent both potential and peril for the community. 

For a sort-of nation that has long relied on transfer payments from its sugar daddy Denmark, the discovery of valuable metal reserves represents an enormous opportunity. But the transition from a fishing and hunting economy to a corporate mining does not come without costs. 

”Of course the mine will help the local economy and will help Greenland, but I’m not so sure if it will be good for us,” said Dorothea Rodgaard, who runs a local guesthouse. ”We are worried about the loss of nature.”

Interesting piece, read it here

(via NYT)

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