Mesmerizing Photos of Frozen Flowers by Mo Devlin

Mo Devlin began his career in 1973 as a photojournalist for the U.S. Army. But his creative experiments of today have little in common with the gritty documentary photography of his old job. These bewitching images of flowers frozen in ice are show just how far he has come. The frozen flowers series features up-close shots of roses, posies and daffodils suspended in blocks of ice, with crystals and air bubbles adding wonderful details and texture to the works. 

“You have to be part photographer, part chemist, and also a bit of a florist,” he says. “Every time I take a container out of the freezer I hold my breath and cross my fingers hoping that the flower froze just right, giving me something a little special.”

You can learn more about his process at Petapixel

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