MeterPlug Measures Home Energy Use

We can’t predict the future, but this much is certain: energy costs will keep rising. So it’s increasingly important that we find ways to bring those costs — and home energy emissions — down. Here is the slickest device we’ve seen for measuring electricity use from home appliances. Plugged between any appliance and an AC outlet, MeterPlug uses your handset’s GPS to find local electricity rates, then sends precise energy usage data to your smartphone.

MeterPlug also incorporates a range of power saving features to help curb consumption. A simple power toggle lets you turn your device on and off using a smartphone, and a proximity sensor cuts off power when you leave the room (and puts it back on when you return). An awesomely-named feature called Vampire Power Shield keeps track of your gadget’s typical consumption, then pulls the plug when you flip it into standby mode.

The project has cleared its Indiegogo crowd funding goal, so production is right around the corner. The device will be available with US, UK or European plugs. You can pre-order on Indiegogo for a discounted price, or wait until it hits stores when it will retail for $59.95.

(via Gizmag)

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