Mia Liu’s Mesmerizing Recycled Paper Sculptures

Taiwanese artist Mia Liu worked for a time at the ticket booth of New York’s Guggenheim Museum, where she found material inspiration in the thousands of museum admission stubs that get thrown out everyday. Saving the tickets from their inevitable trashing, Liu recycles the paper into mesmerizing sculptures that play with the movement of light.

“I wish to construct a new personal experience and perception by remake or re-construct daily objects,” she says in adorably broken English. “I pay close attention to the visual influence of light on material. This will lead to the distortion of people usual perception on daily objects, and eventually, a wonder comes into being. Light and material circulating and moving, and audiences are forced to look at the moving focal point. They will never be able to see the whole but can feel the difference in between.”

Liu’s work begins with a series of doodles and sketches of basic geometric objects, which are scanned into a computer and pieced together to form a template of the sculpture’s overall design. 

For more, check out this talented lady’s Flickr page.

(via Inhabitat)

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