Mosaics That Twist Perspective

Victor Tretiak turns photographs into colorful mosaics that distort the scale of the images, offering a delightful change of perspective. Each piece produced by the Thailand-based artist resembles the face of a Rubik’s Cube in which some of the panels have been reordered in the wrong rows. Some of the pictures within the squares that make up his tropical scenes appear closer or farther away than the rest of the panorama, making the viewer feel like they’re exploring an exotic landscape through a pair of binoculars.

Tretiak’s love of developing rolls of film is especially evident in this line of projects. The rows of squares that comprise his scenes look like colorful strips of lined-up negatives drying in a darkroom. However, instead being comprised of different shots from the same roll, Tretiak creates his “film-strip” mosaics from one image broken up into many frames.

From My Modern Met

Posted by Kelcee Griffis

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