Navid Baraty: New York City From the Top Down

With a commission from New York’s Metro Transit Authority, Navid Baraty (previously) captured the city from a perspective few have ever seen. The NYC-via-Ohio photographer shot the images looking straight down from the edges of buildings around Manhattan. The inspiration for the photos came thousands of miles away, in Tokyo, while lunching in a skyscraper.

“I looked straight down and saw an amazing geometric pattern on the Tokyo street scene,” he says. “I realized that the scene really said a lot about the character of Japan. The order and geometry of the perfectly parallel lines, precise angles and thoughtful proportion were a reflection of the society’s meticulous attention to detail and artistic presentation. I wanted to continue the series when I moved to New York City.”

The top-down photos are currently on display at the Bowling Green subway station as part of the MTA’s Arts for Transit program.

(via Fast Co.Exist)

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