NYC’s First-Ever LEED Platinum Project

At the edge of Manhattan’s Chelsea neighborhood sits a nondescript, seven-floor office building built in the early 20th century. Inside, however, the plainness explodes with a modern office interior that is New York City’s first-ever LEED Platinum project.

Designed by Cook+Fox Architects in 2007, the office at 641 Avenue of the Americas was inspired by the desire to create a healthy and productive work environment. Among its many interesting features is a 3,600-square-foot green roof populated by drought-tolerant, low-maintenance sedum species with a flexible, nylon module system called Green Paks. The green roof contributes to reducing storm water runoff, reducing the building’s cooling load and fighting the heat island effect in New York City.

This project has been used as an example by Mayor Bloomberg’s PlaNYC campaign to advocate long-term sustainability goals. Regular tours of office give a better look at the various systems at play that make this office a healthy environment and an example of a sustainable approach to interior design.

(via ArchDaily)

Photos: Cook+Fox Architects, Bilyana Dimitrova

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